• There's a lot of blood and violence in this game and on some bad routes the occasional character death. We also talk quite a bit about one of the characters who died before the game started and one character goes into detail on this. There isn't a lot of visual violence (just some blood stains in a couple CGs and one background with bones and bloodstains), but lots of descriptive sentences and some possibly disturbing sound effects. If you are easily squicked, this may not be your game. At the very least, tread softly.

  • In general, the game's major theme involves the characters dealing with the loss of loved ones. This includes the loss of a friend and lover, and to a lesser extent for two characters, family.

  • The typical RPG Fantasy Violence is there; in particular they fight and kill a couple of monsters. (a bird and a couple of different dragons) Again, most of the violence is carried by the sounds and words and less by the visuals.

  • One character is sometimes very romantically aggressive. He usually backs himself away (and there's a huge plot reason why) or is delivered punishment for being a creep, but if this troubles you in any way to see, PM me and I'll tell you which routes to stay off of and/or give you further details. (His own route is a riddled mess of this and there's one route where he kisses the main character without her consent.)

  • One character's route deals heavily with manipulation. (the way the other characters manipulate him) This is present through the whole game, but on his own route it is a very clear case of gaslighting from one of the other characters. Again, please feel free to contact me through a PM if you would like to be told which route to stay off of.

  • It is not very present in the game as it stands now, but in the future when we expand it, or if you are reading through the character's backstories, there are a couple that deal with some heavy cases of parental abuse. As the game stands now, however, this is not mentioned outside of slight passing for one character.

  • If you play this game and find something that you think I should add to this list, please let me know and I will update it! I would like everyone who plays this game to be safe while they play. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the game!